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What are the Colts’ roster needs heading into the…

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What are the Colts' roster needs heading into the...

The Colts finished tied for 15th in sacks in 2019 with 41, which isn’t bad, but is off the mark for where they’d like to rank in league standings. The team often stresses the importance of not only having a strong pass rush, but having depth there as well so that pressure may come in waves. With Jabaal Sheard set to hit free agency, the Colts would need to ensure they have a starting left defensive end who can not only provide pressure, but who can seal the edge against the run at a high level as Sheard does. Their top edge rusher, Justin Houston, is also turning 32 after the regular season. This offseason, there are some high-quality options potentially available in both free agency and the draft.


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